Brunetti Realtors

A few words about our company:

   ● Our company’s sole focus is the management and rental of the
properties we own.

   ● We do not buy-sell-trade-manage or rent properties for other
individuals or companies.

   ● We very infrequently sell the buildings we own, however if we do,
it is usually to the existing tenants.

   ● Our associated company "Doors To The Past" purchases, restores,
and rents older/historic buildings (typically with acreage) and
mini-farms primarily located in Franklin, Jefferson and southern
Warren counties.

Our Mission:
To provide our tenants with an uncommonly comfortable and
rewarding rental experience.

Our Vision:
We strongly believe that a satisfied tenant will choose to occupy a
dwelling for a longer period of time and that he/she will be a strong
advocate for our properties and company. This partnership rewards
both the tenant and our company with a win-win scenario.

Tenant Benefits

● Very competitive rent
● Prompt response to
   maintenance/repair issues
● Fewer moving expenses
   and tribulations

Company Benefits

● Fewer and shorter vacancies
● Greater operating efficiencies
● Lower advertising and
   “get ready” expenses

We attract tenants by offering:

   ● Clean and properly maintained properties
(interior and exterior).

   ● Newer/new appliances in most units.

   ● Small building sizes (most apartments are located
in 2/4 family flats).

   ● Remodeled/updated kitchens and bathrooms in most units.

   ● Freshly painted and color coordinated flooring, window trim
and window treatments for a true “home” feel.

   ● Remodeling/redecorating performed under the guidance and
supervision of an interior decorator.

   ● A flexible and friendly pet policy.

We retain our tenants by providing:

   ● Prompt, effective and courteous response to
maintenance/repair/accounting issues.

   ● Our own highly experienced and qualified maintenance/repair
staff offering a faster and more effective service.

   ● Routine preventative maintenance, cleanliness, and safety
inspections performed on all dwelling and grounds.

   ● Minimal or zero rent increase for successive term renewals for
tenants in good standing.

   ● A free month rent for each successful referral resulting into a
signed lease on any of our dwellings. (Subject to limitations.
Please inquire about specific details).

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